Laughter is the Best Medicine

When comedian Jacki Kane was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, she couldn’t help but rely on humor to get through treatment. Along the way, she turned adversity into comedy material, helping scores of others get through treatment. She’s delivered speeches to medical staff, hospital donors and patients and a crackling one-woman comedy show that gets everyone on their feet with Brazilian dance. Jacki will customize a speech for you that helps audiences:

  • Keep perspective through cancer with the magic of 3 Positives
  • Gain tips to stay sane during treatment
  • Take power from cancer and keep it for yourself

Book Jacki Kane

Francine Read

Connecting Great Audiences with Great Speakers.

“They laughed and were moved to tears by your presentation. You were super effective at connecting with our group.”

Laura Atkinson
Neighborhood House
Portland, Oregon

“Jacki delivers inspirational, meaningful messages through humor. She was engaging and genuinely entertaining.”

Mora Oommen
Executive Director
Blossom Birth Services
Palo Alto, California


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