“Laughter is the Best Medicine”

You know the saying if you don’t laugh, you’ll probably cry. When comedian Jacki Kane was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, she couldn’t help but use humor as a weapon to defeat it. Cancer’s a joke when you use humor to gain power over it. “Laughter is the Best Medicine” helps medical staff and cancer survivors:

  • Get through cancer or any other adversity with the magic of 3 Positives
  • Forget about cancer. Gain tips to survive treatment!
  • Take power from cancer and keep it for yourself
  • Celebrate that cancer is a hero journey than anything else

“Don’t Let Your Sanity Check Bounce”

Taking care of others all day long can launch your stress off the chart. How do you take care of yourself? Ideal for nurses, medical staff, hospice workers and anyone who dedicates their lives to taking care of others, this speech delivers much-needed self-care and humor, including:

  • Learn tangible ways to generate happiness and safeguard your sanity
  • Build a “Sanity Survival Kit” guaranteed to revive your energy
  • Appreciate yourself and the good you do

Book Jacki Kane

Francine Read

Connecting Great Audiences with Great Speakers.

“They laughed and were moved to tears by your presentation. You were super effective at connecting with our group.”

Laura Atkinson
Neighborhood House
Portland, Oregon

“Jacki delivers inspirational, meaningful messages through humor. She was engaging and genuinely entertaining.”

Mora Oommen
Executive Director
Blossom Birth Services
Palo Alto, California



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