It’s been somewhere around 3-4 years since we started a clean, intelligent comedy show for parents based in Portland, Oregon. Mostly moms perform, but we’ve had dads take the stage as well. We’ve had an amazing run, but are shutting the “Rad Dads” show down with a final show June 15th at Curious Comedy Theater (tix: curious I’m the most proud that the TIME OUT show opened the stage to parents of all ages, family configurations and experience levels. Thanks to all our supporters! I look forward to performing for you on other shows!


Oh man, if only I could have cartoon hair like that. Permanently coiffed sans product. What I wanted to tell you about is my day job. I’m an award-winning copywriter of the brand strategy variety. That means I don’t only write stuff like brochures, video scripts and websites, but give your company a VOICE that shines, cuts and does what it’s supposed to do – get noticed. People actually read what I write. I can write stiff as a board if you’d like. But I’d rather make people laugh out loud and experience what’s clever about your brand. For more: 

In another life, I swear I was a sponge. It’s better than a Wet Wipe. Guess that explains why I hate cleaning.


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  1. Joy Rose says:

    Looks Great and totally thrilled to see what we can co-create! Joy xo (Mamapalooza)

  2. […] and mother lovers alike should head to Curious Comedy this Friday to catch the latest edition of Time Out!, Jacki Kane’s superfun combination moms’ night out and open mic where moms share funny […]

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