Our Lady of Perpetual Guilt. Kindergarten. Easter bunny line dance. Faulty bunny suit. When the ears flopped over my face, I slammed into the other bunnies and the nuns folded over in laughter like penguins in pain. That’s what got me into this whole thing.

Fast-forward to adulthood. One stand-up comedy class hooked me. Atlanta, Birmingham, Detroit, Palo Alto. I got tired of living in my car. Performing led to writing comedy for radio shows and failing TV shows. (Sorry, Danny Bonaduce.) Writing radio led to writing TV. (Then…kids!)

Having kids led to starting the TIME OUT Comedy Show for parents that ran for three years in Portland, Oregon. Career win: Making faculty laugh at a benefit for their school that had burned down. Getting breast cancer led to performing a one-woman cancer comedy show called “Waiting for the Brazilian.” Making cancer patients and survivors laugh equalled another career win for me.

Now I live in California and write everything wine for E. & J. Gallo Winery. I’m always game to write and perform. See my contact page for details, and have yourself a funny day.




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