New cancer comedy book on way

Well, hello. My name is Jacki Kane. I am a stand-up comic, award-winning copywriter and cancer survivor. Yay. After dealing with and surviving a nasty form of breast cancer, I started making fun of cancer, doing funny talks on cancer and turning my experience into a one-woman cancer comedy show called “Waiting for the Brazilian.” Take that, stupid disease. My nurse navigator at Legacy told me her patients find my blog useful, so I decided to take her advice and turn it into a book. (Thanks, Annette!) Working on that right now. In the meantime, enjoy some jokes about you guessed it, cancer.



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  1. Jan Carothers says:

    Dear Jackie,
    Really sorry to hear what you and your family are going through. I’m pulling for you and the clean bill of health that you’ll be getting. In the meantime, if you want to talk give a holler. All your Fast Track buddies are on your side for sure. I miss you. Take good care, Jackie, and I’ll send along anything funny and positive I can think of. In the meantime, I’ve been talking you up as a wonderful humor resource for all these brand new Speaker Academy people. And I want you to be with us for a long long time.
    Fondly, Jan C.

  2. jackikane says:

    Thank you so so much, Jan!

  3. Skip Farmer says:

    Hi Jackie, It was nice talking with you yesterday. My wife and I are going to try and go there a week from Wed. She said she’d love to meet you. Her chemo was the worst yet but is OVER (for now). Take care!

    Skip F.

  4. Jackie, I’ve been reading your blog and am so impressed with your new impressions of the world. Your ability to see things from a different perspective and still keep the laughter in life is just inspiring. I love you for that! I am in need of an occasional copywriter… you interested? I’m thinking of you often and sending good energy your way. I’d love to meet you for coffee or tea or just a conversation… I’m on crutches until the end of January, so we’ll have to be mindful of the location. Looking forward to staying in better touch! -Kirsten Klug

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