Jacki's new book


Are you old school and prefer an actual book or all tech savvy and want to hold a plastic reader? Either way, Sass Mouth is available on all major booksellers’ websites, including Barnes & Noble, Powell’s and Amazon. Here’s where to find it on Amazon:

Cheapest – Kindle
If you don’t have one, you can still download Kindle on your computer and read the book on your screen.




The Story
People have reported staying up all night, laughing and crying reading Sass Mouth. So far, no one has reported barfing, and that makes me happy. Sass Mouth is the ultimate turnaround story about how a girl set up for a complete disaster of an adult life flips the tables. Hope you enjoy it. And, if you know another girl who’s stuck on the treadmill of terrible choices, please pass it on. If this book helps someone, it will all have been worth it for me. It’s already worth it – I’ve got a team of two amazing kids, best husband ever and a dog behind me.

Does this podium make my butt look small?

Does this podium make my butt look small?

After a chapter of Sass Mouth got selected to appear in Rough Copy literary ezine, I was lucky enough to get asked to read it at the Rough Copy celebration at Powell’s Downtown in Portland. Reading an actual chapter was way different than stand-up. For one thing, my cheat sheet was a full-size sheet of paper. Hey wait, did that make my butt look smaller?


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  1. Jodianne says:

    YES, a podium that big would even make MY butt look smaller. but if you have to ask…. well you know the answer already. 🙂
    LOVE the book

  2. Dana Campbell says:

    Still LOVE, LOVE, LOVING your book Jacki!

    Stayed up yet again past 1am reading for the fourth night in a row.

    Got a little booklight after open mic at that bookstore nextdoor JUST for this purpose.

    I cannot put it down.

    You’re a true survivor!

    ~ Dazzling Diva Dana
    (That’s my current anti-Mary Kay blogging name on http://www.pinktruth.com)… might even end up being my stage name too!

  3. Dazzling Diva Dana says:


    Finished your book… and want to read a sequel! Where’s the REST of the story?!? Can’t wait to learn more.

    See you THIS Friday at Curious Comedy Theatre!

    Whoo! Hoo!

    ~ Dazzling Diva Dana

  4. debbadoo says:

    You know what I think about the book. And I’m not a reader – I couldn’t put it down. I gotta say, my favorite character in the book is Trixie. 🙂 Thanks for letting me read it even before you had it published. It was awesome, and it really shows that it is possible to overcome the most adverse situations if we believe we can. Love you HB. You da best!

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