7 days of denial

It’s Spring Break. I’m giving myself 7 days to NOT talk about cancer. I still feel like a Chemosapien with numb fingers and toes, metal mouth and the prospect of losing fingernails. But this week, I’m going to forget about all that and focus on the kids. Weird Cancer Guy is like an obnoxious dude at a party who talks way too loud, double-dips and takes over the entire room. Spring Break is like the sexy lifeguard who works as a bouncer on weekends. Spring Break is throwing Weird Cancer Guy out for the week! When I get back, it will be pre-op appointment land. For now, Candyland and epic games of dodge ball. I’m going to remember what it’s like to be a parent; the kids, I hope, will regain being kids again.


1- Getting to be with the kids and Brian for a full week sans school and work.

2- Allowing myself to take a break.

3- Finally feeling good enough to mess with the kids.

Suck it, Weird Cancer Guy

Radioactive test and ultrasounds went great yesterday. Here’s the best part: They did not see a spread to my lymph nodes. Take that, Weird Cancer Guy! You’re fat, yet contained. The port surgery went great, thanks to the extraordinarily nice nurses and fantastic anesthesiologist at Good Sam (didn’t pass out or get sick!) They laughed when Brian asked for 15 minutes alone behind the curtain so we could make out. What a perv.

Next up, more tests, then chemo next Wednesday. Also, the director of the Knight Cancer Center sent me a nice note that they are working on remodeling, but that it wouldn’t be started before I start chemo. Maybe we can do something in the meantime? Something that doesn’t involve clowns. Also found out that my hair will jump ship before my scheduled haircut. Awesome! Just saved some money there.

My three positive thoughts after yesterday:

1. Weird Cancer Guy hasn’t spread! Hooray!

2. My friends are offering cleaning services. Double kick-a awesome.

3. There are free wigs at the hospital donated by Pantene. Hoping for beehive!

Here’s Weird Cancer Guy, created by my amazing daughter, Olivia: