Five moms at the same school get breast cancer

Yesterday when KOIN 6 News interviewed me, I mentioned that five moms at Abernethy Elementary are undergoing treatment for cancer right now. Jaws dropped. So they decided to do another interview today with Sari and me. Could something in our environment have triggered cancer in all of us? Check out KOIN 6 News tonight. In the meantime, here’s the story from yesterday:


1- Had an echocardiogram this morning to identify whether the chemo drugs destroyed heart valves. First indication was no. But the doctor “Reader of the Week” will take a closer look. Hearing my heart beat on surround sound is like hearing whales do a Zumba class.

2- Getting interviewed on KOIN 6 with Sari was interesting. We’re both afraid we might be living in a place that is quietly endangering our kids, much less may trigger cancer again. How can it be that I moved from Atlanta, a city with “Breathing Advisories,” to Portland to escape smog and end up with poor air quality here? Maybe the story will bring answers.

3- My house is so clean I feel like I’m on vacation. I still can’t do any heavy lifting or running vacuum cleaners, so we hired someone.

Reporting live from Ski Bunny

steven on newsLiving in Oregon is the coolest ever. Today, we headed to the Ski Bunny sled hill near Mt. Hood with two other families. A KOIN 6 news team was there, capturing all the extreme-sports level sled action. Check out Steven getting interviewed. It was great getting actual fresh air and playing in the snow. The best part: snow has nothing to do with cancer. With all that gear on, I didn’t get a single weird look. Afterward we went for a nutritious lunch at Dairy Queen, where I spotted a guy with a full-on wig. That’s what I notice now – wigs. For men, is it called a toupee? I don’t think he had cancer. He was rocking the Don Ho look, and it was working for him.

Now I’m about three levels lower of exhausted, and I didn’t even sled. Round 2 has brought on massive ear ringing, bloody noses and extreme tiredness. I feel heavy, but hollow. Hungry, but full. I have been making myself take the dog for walks to get moving. The eating thing is getting tougher because everything feels like it’s stuck in your throat. Chemo is some weird, weird shit. But I have to embrace it because it will save my life.


1- My friends Loy and Sharon gave me a good luck necklace that I definitely need.

2- Thank you Raggetts and Drydens for going with us today and giving the entire family a day sans thinking, living and breathing cancer.

3- Brian, Steven and Livvie looked much happier today. That’s always a huge positive.