Woman No. 119

Andrea Leoncavallo, amazing photographer, said she dove headfirst into her project without giving it a ton of thought. Hmm, that sounds familiar. For her project, “Women, Untitled,” she will photograph 365 women and chronicle their stories on her site: http://www.lionhorseproductions.com/. Today, I got to be that woman.

I suggested Flutter, a store at 3948 N. Mississippi because of its zany array of stuffed birds, flowing gowns, baubles and spectacular bird cage mounted to the wall. They also have a vintage typewriter advertisement I almost tackled, I loved it so much. There simply isn’t another store like this. Everywhere you look, there’s something cool to see. Something you may have not seen before. Like ever. (Stuffed peacock perched on chandelier? You don’t see that at Target.)

Please check out all the amazing women at: http://www.lionhorseproductions.com/