Are you a Host Mom?

I’m not talking Martha over here. I’m talking about hosting the TIME OUT show in your city! We are expanding the show to other states and boy howdy do we need your help. Here’s how it works:

The ideal Host Mom:
– Has a wicked sense of humor and might even want to take the stage
– Would rather scrub a toity than miss her night out
– Knows like everyone in town

What you’ll do:
– Locate the perfect venue for the show, then we’ll take care of negotiations
– Recruit local moms and dads to take the stage (You get the word out, we do the rest.)
– Find local sponsors to donate up to five Lovely Parting Gifts and three Raffle Prizes per show in exchange for three mentions at the show – prime advertising for a donation
– Spread the word about the show (We’ll provide the flyer file – you print and distribute)

What you’ll get:
– A percentage of ticket sales! That’s right, we will PAY YOU!!
The more tickets we sell, the higher the percentage to you.
– Free admission to the show

Want to become a Host?
Email Jacki at or call me at 503.704.5737

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