Drop off and go laugh

PgGymSignSmallThis Friday night (Oct. 9), we’ve got you and your kids covered! Airplay Cafe and the Playground Gym are offering a Parents’ Night Out during the TIME OUT show for a special rate: $20 for the first child and $15 for each additional sibling.

Space is limited, so reserve your space soon.

Playground Gym
505 NE Grand Ave.
(Next to Starbucks at NE Grand & Lloyd with parking behind the building/down the street from Airplay)

Email: casey@theplaygroundgym.com

Drop your kids off as early as 6:15 pm, catch the TIME OUT show from 7-8:30, then pick them up as late as 10 pm. Call or email the gym and tell them you are attending TIME OUT

The Playground Gym is a locally owned gym with gymnastics equipment, climbing ropes and nets, a bouldering wall, indoor treehouse and much more. Your kids will have a blast while you are at the show! They are a brand new, locally-owned business and offer age-appropriate classes ranging from dance and gymnastics to martial arts and yoga. http://www.theplaygroundgym.com/

One Reply to “Drop off and go laugh”

  1. Bummer that we missed the show, but we discovered this place and it is amazing!! Our kids absolutely can not get enough!! What a fantastic find! I cannot believe that we’ve lived here for almost five years and just now discovered The Playground Gym. Friday nights, baby!!

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