For the birds

Only I would have a nightmare about birdwatching. It all started because I was afraid to bring my five-year-old birdwatching with me for fear she would launch a tantrum and cause all of the birds to  migrate. Then, an angry hoard of bird watchers would chase me, binoculars flying. “Now look what you’ve done!” they’d squawk. None of that happened, of course, because my daughter refused to go with me. So I went by myself and did everything wrong – forgot my binoculars and walked, not stalked, through the trails. That’s what you’re supposed to do – stalk. I did spot a bald eagle though, so it was all worth it. With my eyesight, it could have been a seagull. Now I’m writing an article about it for Metro Parent Magazine while that Blondie song “Raptured” dinging in my head, except in my world it’s” “Raptors!”

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