The “Upside” to TIME OUT

Jillian Starr's premiere article rocks!

Jillian Starr is one talented momma alright. She delivers crazy hilarious readings on the TIME OUT stage. My favorite is her essay on the time she got whiplash by flipping her head around making her hair big. So she had to go to the prom in a neck brace. So she takes on writing her first article for The Portland Upside. Lucky for us, it was about the TIME OUT show. And what does she do, knocks it out of the park. Not to mention she nailed me with this one:

“If Ellen DeGeneres’ and Steven Wright’s comedy had a baby, and the baby grew up to be a mother of two, it would be Jacki Kane.”

Check it out at:

Thanks for writing such a nice piece about me and the show. Looking forward to reading more from Jillian. Go, Jillian, go!!

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