More Magazine hits East Coast

If only airbrushing could make me look like this smokin.
I'll take this look! Caroline Rhea: Total hottie

One of my best friends who also designed my book, Jo, was the first to call. She found a More Magazine in her mailbox in Atlanta and was all like what’s this? She had forgotten at first. Oh YEAH. Because she’s such a great friend, she bought a subscription so she wouldn’t miss what some people would call a marvel in airbrushing. What, like I look this hot with outlines of Lego blocks on my jeans that make my butt look like a motherboard?

In October, More flew me to NY to hang out with stand-up comedian and actress extraordinaire Caroline Rhea. What an insanely lucky person I am to have gotten to meet and work with Caroline and the people from More. Caroline’s way nicer in person than on stage. If you don’t believe me, try heckling her. Really loud. She could have left early that day, but she pulled up a chair and spent five hours with me working every angle of my material. Thank you, Caroline! I’ll make you proud! Promise.

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