Back Fence rocks!

First off, I am not hipster enough to even get let in The Woods. Yeah, it’s used to be an old funeral home. Now, it’s uber cool with its collection of sofas, birdcages and vintage radios. The people who worked there were so nice though. I was like, What? I’m middle aged and you’re talking to me? It felt a lot like getting talked to by a guy so hot you’re not sure if he’s gay. Well, for me anyway.

So about the show already. It rocked. Where else can you hear a reading from Girls Gone Wild magazine after a gardening demonstration by SCRAP? Where else would you see a Powerpoint presentation that shows waxing possibilities for a girl’s nether region in the shape of Don Johnson’s coiff? Then, there was Jean Louis sketch comedy from Stacey and Bob of Curious Comedy Theater. Perfectly timed and masterfully funny.

I’m on a mission to see how other shows roll. It’s refreshing. Let me know if you want to come with me  – I always need back up. Next up: Live Wire.

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