The love catcher on Mother’s Day!

My kids so totally rock! They each made me glass light catchers – cubes dotted with molten color. One’s a necklace; the other a window catcher. They went to the store and picked out a burst of different color roses and three different kinds of chocolate. “We were going to give you a trash can,” my son said. My husband stood there beaming, touched by the depth of my son’s sarcasm. Just like Daddy. I’m overwhelmed. I was scared to be a mom, thinking my kids would hate me. So today, I stifle the self-loathing and doubt that all of this is too good for me. Instead, I’m catching the rays of warmth and taking them in. I’m steeped in gratitude for both getting to be part of this family and creating it in the first place. Thank you to Brian, for being the kind of dad and husband I didn’t think existed; Livvie, for dispensing constant love and Steven for dispensing constant laughter. I love you all. To all my friends and comedy colleagues, Happy Mother’s Day!

2 Replies to “The love catcher on Mother’s Day!”

  1. Jackie,

    I’m SO, so happy for you today! Completely LOVING your book… zippin’ on through it. Hoping to make it to this week’s open mic. Will definitely catch your next set.

    ~ Dana (Wendy Bax’s friend from SHS)

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