Your underwear is on sideways

Then she says defiantly, “Well Daddy dressed me!” Case closed, Paco.

We’ve got some spanky fine shows for you this week:

TIME OUT: “MomXiety: It’s Not Your Mother’s Angst”
Thursday, 7:30 pm
Curious Comedy Theater

I’ll be reading some excerpts from my book, Sass Mouth, which will make you feel like parent of the year.

Rave in the Nave
7:30 pm Saturday night, May 22

Christ United Methodist Church
12755 NW Dogwood Street
Portland, Oregon 97229-5550

Tickets are available through the church office (503-646-1598)
 or at the door.
Single tickets – $15

I’ll be there with a whole bunch of other smart mouth moms doing stand up. It’ll be clean or else!

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