Better the stall than the mall

Performing at “Rave in the Nave” was a complete blast this weekend. My name made it to the bathroom stall WITHOUT any diagrams or descriptive terms. Just like a mom I knew in Atlanta said: “Better the stall than the mall, honey.” She was actually talking about a horse stall, but this reference still works.

2 Replies to “Better the stall than the mall”

  1. Great fun to see you all perform again and get to chat one-on-one with you all again too! You ALL crack me all up… Can’t wait to share my mom’s Christmas tennisball-can people with you!

  2. Oh Jacki, You’re so funny. I wish I had seen this post earlier! Dag nab it all!

    I definitely need to go to your next performance. And even if the post is in the stall or if the performance is in the stall. or hall. or mall. I’ll be there!


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