Hot off the press: Mamazina Magazine!











SO proud to announce that the latest issue of Mamazina Magazine is out. Joy Rose, CEO of Mamapalooza, is the publisher. I’m the editor-in-chief. We worked extra special hard to make this one rock. You’ll appreciate the columns written by moms, a new humor column, a feature on Carol Evans from Working Mother Media and amazing photography from Portland’s Andrea Leoncavallo’s “She Inspires 365” project taken on Sauvie’s Island. In the “It’s about time” department, Joy Rose is building the Museum of Motherhood! Seriously, can you believe there isn’t one already? Well, it’s on the way. If you want to help make it happen, get your name right on the benefactor list:

Here’s where to score a copy of Mamazina

If you’re a writer, send us your stuff here:

Hope you enjoy!

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