Daniel Craig is mine and you can’t have him

We love Bond movies – cheesy ones, campy ones, flashy ones. We used to be diehard Sean Connery was the best ever until Casino Royale came out. Daniel Craig had me at “Hello? You trashed an Aston Martin?” Meanwhile, my husband’s sobbing in the corner watching his fave car of all time in ruins. Anyway, Daniel Craig has rushed the action up to Bourne Identity level. It helps that he emerges scraped and damaged, not in a tuxedo. (You know, I DO have Hello Kitty bandages.) Daniel Craig has pulled the sex appeal WAY up if you ask me. They just announced he will be doing more Bond movies. Here’s my personal list of demands for the next ones:

1-Can he do the entire film in the buff? Please. That torture scene in Casino Royale provided a glimpse. When you’re fantasizing, it’s a little hard to overlook torture, even though he was naked.

2-More sex scenes, please. Duh.

3-Would you mind keeping the Aston Martin intact for longer than twenty seconds? I’m looking out for my husband’s fantasies this time.

4-Keep the action scenes coming. Breathless is the best way I can describe that. Shirtless, even better. I’m so tired of women baring all in films – give us some man skin already.

If you want to read about the next round of Daniel Craig films, here it is: http://www.firstshowing.net/2007/daniel-craig-returning-as-james-bond-in-4-more-movies/

Hurry up already, Daniel Craig is my movie boyfriend, and I hope our next date comes quicker than you can say: “Get a life, lady.”

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