Two things on a sunny day








#1 Exactly how much can I make fun of my husband for our next show? Friday, I’m hosting; he’s performing. So I’d better look out – his paybacks are severe. Like this one time, I almost tricked him into going to a Mary Kay for men party. What would he have done? Sent a clown troupe to my office, or worse. Don’t miss him getting me back tomorrow night at the Rad Dads show.

Friday night, June 10th
Curious Comedy Theater
5225 NE MLK
7:30 doors/8 show

Hosted by yours truly
Featuring new mom performer Diane Ferington & Rad Dads:
Brian Sturkie
Jeffrey Kauffman
Mark Hylland
Rob Katsuno
Stephen Schmidt

#2 My daughter is going all Diva on me. Help. Please post comments:



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