RUSH puts men to shame

The next time a man shrinks from a task and claims “I’m not a multi-tasker,” I’ve got the answer for you. “Oh yeah, let’s see if RUSH is touring.” When I say “RUSH,” I mean the legendary rockers, not the verb that describes every morning household in America. We went to see RUSH last night. My husband is a lifelong fan. I had to suck up my fear of experiencing eighth grade flashbacks to go. But the show was beyond impressive. It was a study of men multi-tasker overdrive.

Geddy Lee singing.

Three guys busting that much sound doesn’t come easy. Geddy Lee sings, plays keyboards and bass seamlessly. Neal Peart is a percussion machine with a load of drums that rotates around him so he can move from creating a global-sound environment to pounding out the backbone on “Tom Sawyer.” If only my entire house could rotate around me so I could get something done for once. Then you’ve got guitarist Alex Lifeson taking on a twelve-string with an electric strapped on his back. Not wasting one second.

So the next time any guy says he can’t multi-task, send him to a RUSH show. At the show last night, Geddy Lee said they were all like 100. So no excuse.

Try this at home: Geddy Lee sings AND plays keyboard.

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