My love letter to Portland

8-Track Sighting: Not in an AMC vehicle. A bathroom in NoPo, yo.

Dear Portland,

I love you, but not in a make out kinda way. More like a hang out all the time way. Okay, so what if we didn’t have the money to leave the state all summer? We stayed here, with you, Portland. And we liked it. Now that the rain is moving in on my love, I feel the need to surround myself with images of the other Portland. The one that’s bright and cheery, not the one that dumps all over you like an out-of-control recycle bin. Love you anyway – thanks for being you. Green and weird all year.

The ultimate date night: Farm-to-Plate Dinners at Kruger's
Can't take it with them? Sauvie's beach visitors must like to mark their spot.
Slappy me silly! Only PDX would have the guts to serve up liability - with syrup. Love that place!
Middle-aged woman foils hipsters and lands spot as extra on Portlandia. For the record, Fred Armisen is a heck of a nice, gracious guy.

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