Rewind: Saturday night in Palo Alto


Finally! I’ve got a mini break working at my client in Philadelphia to thank Blossom Birth! Last weekend, I performed at their fundraiser and got to meet some amazing women. The feedback I got from their group was life-changing. A man came up to me and said: “Your material is clever. Your family should be very proud of you.” I’ve been thinking about that for days and letting it soak in like the California sun. Thank you for that! Thank you Blossom Birth for driving me around, taking me out, giving me a beautiful necklace I haven’t taken off and showing me amazing support! 

One Reply to “Rewind: Saturday night in Palo Alto”

  1. Thank you Jacki! Your wit and humor still keeps us chuckling! Looking forward to the next time- thank you for all your support! Mora

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