Weird Cancer Guy, I hate you

My life has taken on the navigation of a shopping cart. You think you’re going straight when suddenly, the wheel sticks and you do a sharp 90 degree turn into a shelf filled with now-toppling cans. Last week, I got diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. Awesome. My first stop is four months of chemo. Then probably surgery. Then more chemo and radiation. My friends and family are rallying like I’ve never seen. My kids are struggling to understand. My daughter invented “Weird Cancer Guy, I Hate You.” That will be the title of my next book. And, my husband has tapped into super powers, even remembering to pack paper plates for our last trip.

Anyway, I’m turning my blog into a place to inform everyone what’s going on. But also, TRY to make a joke out of cancer. My biggest fear is that I’ll lose the ability to find humor in this situation. So far, there are a few positives:

1. FREE full Brazilian wax, without the wax

2. $35 saved in brow and lip wax

3. Hundreds about to be saved in hair cuts

7 Replies to “Weird Cancer Guy, I hate you”

  1. Wow, Jackie! I am so sorry to hear this, but know if anyone can take this on it’s you! You kick ass! I’m grateful you published this so I can keep you in my happy thoughts and send good energy your way everyday. I would also love to know if anyone has set up a meal list? Also- what does triple-negative mean? I will be thinking of you and LOL about the brazilian wax. OOXX

  2. You are awesome, and I am catapulting you tons of love and support from 3,000 miles away. My b.c. was a different type but the friends and family support was the best medicine for my soul and sanity…and can be for you too!!! I’ll call ya ~ xoxoxo Elizabeth

  3. Jacki – sending positive vibes your way. Next year at this time you can write the “Well, THAT’s over with and now I am better than ever” blog post!

  4. Jacki, I’m so sorry to hear this. I’ll be thinking of you and sending positive healing thoughts and prayers. Even though we don’t see each other much any more, I hope I can support you in some way. Glad that you are keeping your sense of humor!

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