To head up chemo (Get it? Head up?) My beautiful friend, Trina, cut my hair from ringlet long to elfish short. This will be WAY easier to vacuum when it falls out. Trina’s super-sleuth scissor handling created this cut, which I found from Once Upon a Star character, Snow White. Thanks, Trina and Vertigo Salon in Portland for helping me out. No one else was in the salon at the time – I was worried I’d have a full-scale breakdown in front of other customers.


1- Having friends like Trina, Ed and Gabe makes you feel super-human

2- Having a daughter dispense fashion advice from the sidelines, super-precious

3- Having hair still – super-rad

Pretty and pretty much gone


About clevercopy

Professional copywriter, author, stand-up comedian and speaker

3 responses »

  1. Steve Sharp says:

    The short cut is kinda hawt. (Should I be saying this?)

  2. Sari Prevost says:

    You look simply marvelous!! I love it. It is a new look for a new you. I hope I see you before Wednesday!

  3. debbadoo says:

    u look hot! I’m shopping for that fake giant bald eagle tatoo I promised you! Here comes your Christmas Gift!!!! Love u man!

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