Chemo…A Love Story

Still basking in the glow of good news yesterday. So far, I have been attached to nothing. I don’t get excited about milestones because they move. I’m not confident the cancer hasn’t spread because surgery will give us the last word on that. But yesterday, I saw a burst of energy from Dr. Awesome. Not that he’s not a happy guy. But after he checked the tumor, he said, “THAT’S what chemo’s supposed to do! And that’s with two chemo sessions.” Truly awesome. Now I love chemo. I expect the honeymoon to be over soon now that my stomach is killing me and my mouth feels filled with dust bunnies dipped in mold. So tomorrow’s blog will be: The Unquenchables. They were thirsty. They lived in a dessert called Chemo. Until ONE man entered their world…. Who would that man be? Around here, some dude who delivers smoothies on a bike. For now, I’ll just take water.


1- Sari and I are walking to the bakery. Good sign!

2- Last night, my kids made me watch myself on Portlandia. Hearing them howl went a long way!

3- Livvie is doing her first Battle of the Books competition today. I hope I outfitted her with enough armor. Was surprised to learn that it is actually not a contact sport.

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