Scenes from Oregon camping

In Oregon, our marshmallows are free-range and grass-fed.


Ahhh, summer camping. Deer grazing with no apparent fear of humans. A tiny lizard stretched out on cool concrete. And a post-radiation mom with Maxi-Pads strapped across her chest. Nothing says sexy summer camping like that. There’s no romantic escape from cancer treatment. My chest looks like parchment paper continents in an angry red sea. One false move, and the sea erupts. Unfortunately, that happened right in front of Steven. He was having a great time sitting under a tree talking to Brian and me when blood started seeping through my shirt. He collapsed into tears. I hate that anything happening with me causes either one of my kids or husband grief. I mean I really hate that. “But it’s over,” I kept saying. He wasn’t buying it because he wishes it didn’t happen at all.


1- Thanks to Loree for the Maxi-Pad tip. Best boo boo absorption ever. I’m going to stuff a bunch of them in our first aid kit. Wait, could it absorb Honey Boo Boo? Probably.

2- I’m surprised to say that I’ve gained so much through cancer, I wouldn’t want to go back in time and erase it. My beady brain doesn’t know why yet. I’ll get back to you on that.

3- Shonda came over toting a cool bottle of champagne and snacks! We sat on my back patio and toasted the end of treatment! How sweet is that? XOXOXO, Shonda!

4- Tomorrow, I’ll be on AM Northwest on KATU with the other cancer moms in the Komen posters. Looking forward to seeing how they’re all doing – they were super cool.

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