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As if the Race for the Cure wasn’t enough action for Sturkie People… We got home and discovered the 99W Drive-In Movie had won an $80,000 digital projector from Honda! Without it, 99W would be out of business because films are distributed only in digital now. So we floored it to Newberg where the Drive-In is having a free movie, popcorn and drinks tonight. The owners are stoked and so are we, big fans. Congrats 99W and thank you for keeping this experience alive, Honda! We’ll be watching the movie from an Acura.


1- Doing the Race for the Cure with my Abernethy Cancer Dream Team buddies made me so happy, I cried when I crossed the finish line. I thought about all the women who couldn’t and feel incredibly thankful that I was one of the lucky ones.

2- Experienced pure heaven at the Waffle Window (Get the Huckleberry Dream.) where we saw this tribute to Breaking Bad on a picnic table.

3- Hmmm. Free popcorn with cheesy salt. It’s orange like Velveeta.




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