The runaway week

My week ran way faster than any runaway bunny. Letting go is yet another cancer-inspired lesson, so I’m not busting my own chops over the fact that I did not write “Tribute Thursday” this week. You know why? Because my friend Trina closed her eyes when I took her picture. She’s fabulous and like no way am I putting anything that doesn’t show Trina’s fabulousity on me blog. I also didn’t write a single post because I’ve been pitching new business all over the place. Some of it is really starting to take root, which makes me crazy happy. SO ready to be a productive member of society again and proudly stand in line to get the same crap service on Hawthorne as everyone else.


1- Attorney Leah Cronn asked me to help her get ready for a Laf-Off comedy competition for Legal Aid. She wrote all of her own material; I helped her trim it down along with my friend Rosemary, who is also a rocking out attorney. Guess what? SHE WON! Then all the other lawyers were like, “You got a comedian to help you? You cheated.” Not so fast, pancho. Leah wrote her own stuff. The rubber chicken is hers, fair and square!

2- Survived another Halloween. Check this out. When children ran up to Molly’s house, she presented them with a bowl full of kale! They recoiled in horror. But any child who picked kale got three pieces of candy. It brought a tear to my eye thinking of my friend Jimmy in Atlanta who handed out hard boiled eggs dipped in chocolate on a stick to confused children.


3- Steven boycotted his first middle school dance, which wildly disappointed me. “But that’s where all the best comedy material comes from,” I pleaded. My first middle school dance spiraled around the theme “Freebird” with a fake bridge leading over fake water to a fake future filled with you guessed it, fake birds that didn’t cost anything because they were “free.” Get it.

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