Tribute Thursday goes to Barrett Rudich



Funny how some mistakes just aren’t. I dialed a wrong number 14 years ago, and Barrett Rudich answered. I thought I was dialing Portfolio, an agency that staffs creatives. But instead, I reached Portfolio Productions, Barrett’s creative services company. “What kind of job are you looking for?” he said. “Copywriter,” I said. “I hire copywriters!” Okay, this guy is either psycho or it’s my luckiest day ever. We arranged a meeting in his Flanders studio in a couple of weeks when I’d be in Portland. One warm handshake with Barrett confirmed that calling the wrong number really was my luckiest day ever.

Portland had already sold itself to me. But Barrett convinced me I would find work in Portland, which gave us more confidence to move. Since then, I’ve worked with Barrett on everything from being an extra to writing a massive Red Cross video project. I love working with Barrett; but above all, love knowing Barrett. When I called him to tell him I had cancer, his reaction was electric disbelief soon grounded by deep concern. The first thing he did was run to Cacao, and buy me chocolate. His spirit raced alongside me at every step. His partner, Ret, was right there with him. As I was making my way through cancer muck, Barrett took on the project of a lifetime: his first feature documentary film. It’s been accepted at several film festivals, so I thought now would be a good time to express my profound admiration for a man who, despite being alien levels of busy all the time as a creative director, director, photographer and mega “Cranny” (creative AND anal), found time to help me. When Trina organized the auction, Barrett selflessly jumped in.

I’m thrilled to tell you how much I love his film, A Place of Truth. It follows a young woman who decides to on couch-hop across the country and set up shop as a street poet. Three screenings are coming right up. From what I remember, I’m pretty sure it’s a safe film to take kids. Here’s to wishing Barrett all the best on his new film and profound appreciation for caring about me so much.

Get tickets here.


1- Best. Positive. Ever. I got a CT scan today because they saw some spots on my lungs last year. It’s CLEAR. CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR. Thank you, Universe, friends, modern medicine and Chris Stopa for helping me with the energy part of healing. I’m convinced it had everything to do with CLEAR. To top it off, the tech was the funniest one ever. Who else says: “Okay, now you’re going to feel like you peed your pants. And that’s why ya come here! We don’t disappoint.”

2- Refer to positive #1.

3- Still gloating on #1.


3 Replies to “Tribute Thursday goes to Barrett Rudich”

  1. Hooray and congrats! You’re unstoppable!!! (Not to mention amazing, inspiring, and a downright good person!

  2. Thank you for all you bring to and add to the world. I can feel your energy all the way down here in central Mexico! Blessings on you and congrats on being clear! Xo jill

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