Busy is as busy does

Okay, I don’t even know what that means. All I know is I got busted zoning out yesterday. Here’s how that went:

ME: Come on, dude! It’s JUST a potato.

STEVEN: Mom, who are you talking to?

ME: The microwave.


1- Just bought tickets to Barrett’s documentary screening tomorrow night at the Portland Art Museum. I’m making the kids go. Wanna go? I’m so excited, I wish I had something to do with the movie. http://festivals.nwfilm.org/nwfest40/schedule/3102/

2- On Sunday, I got to take Beto’s Samba class at Dance for Joy Studios. It was so cool, I almost cried. At first, the steps seem pretty doable when it’s slow. Then all of a sudden, it’s high-speed. It’s like downing ten espressos, then going all River Dance. The women in the class were so nice to me, I’m going back even if I suck. They kept saying, “Don’t stress. You’ll get it.” That was before I backed into a pole.

3- Tomorrow, I see Dr. Awesome again. Going in there freaks my body out big time. It remembers THE ROOM OF CHEMO. I swear the cells try to escape. Always love seeing Dr. Awesome though.

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