Three T’s: Tribute Thursday for Trina


Our boys were in the same kindergarten class. How could I not notice Trina walking in with her super-cute hair and retro wool jackets with buttons the size of Red Flyer wheels? One day, she asked if I wanted to join her and another mom named Heather for Saturday walks. What? I’m getting asked by the cool mom? Sweet! Of course, I said yes. Trina, Heather and I became fast friends like our boys.

The kids moved on to different schools; Heather moved to the East Coast (She’s back now!); and Trina and I stayed friends through it all. Trina is the most deeply caring human ever. I’m serious – she stays up at night worrying. And, she’s supremely detail-oriented. She doesn’t just throw a party. She throws a Martha Stewart party, where every detail of a room has been thought out. (Point of order: There’s an ice hand jutting out of a punch bowl and a melon “brain” on the table at Halloween.) So when I got cancer, she dialed full-Trina power to high.

For starters, she cut my shoulder-length twirly hair short before chemo. One day, chunks of my hair fell in my soup at a restaurant. So Trina buzzed it all off for me. Then, she cried. When I balked at making smoothies, she made me a case with little labels on each one that said: “I love you!” It’s so cool being loved by a smoothie, let me tell you. Then, she mobilized an army of friends to raise money for us. She kept calling me and saying, “Your friends” because every time she asked someone to help, they donated more and did so much more than she expected.

Thanks to Trina and all of our friends, we stayed afloat all year through cancer. The best part was the money raised allowed me to go to acupuncture and my naturopath – both critical to my success getting through this. But the best part: every friend of mine is now a friend of Trina’s. I hope I can be as good of a friend to all of you as Trina is to me. Thanks for everything Trina! I love you and your not-so-little-anymore boy too. (You too, Ed!)



1- Is this not the best sign ever?

2- Still happily slammed.

3- Tomorrow is Friday.

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