Tribute Thursday: Lenore-Drydens rule!

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It’s Tribute time again, finally! I might be slow, but I still deliver… This time, it’s our friends the Lenore-Dryden family. They’ve included us on several annual rituals that have become some of our most favorite memories. We feel so lucky about that!

Karen Lenore is the only person I know who got sent to the principal’s office as a PARENT. With her sense of dastardly humor, we get along just famously. She’s a blur of super craftiness, kid activities on fire and boundless compassion. And her family’s right there with her, although I’ve never seen her husband John with a glue gun.

When I got cancer, her son James was the first kid to hug me and say: “I’m so sorry.” Her daughter Emma came up with a play and rounded up a team of girls to perform it for me. John kept Brian in check the entire time. They helped in so many ways. We never felt alone.

When we were terrified about medical costs, Karen organized a crafty fair. When we wanted to go to Hawaii but couldn’t, they put on a show with leis, coconut bras and busted some trick moves with ukeles. If I had to pick one family that exemplifies what we thought of as a community when we moved here, it’s Karen’s family. Thanks for being such amazing friends! Looking forward to many more stories of Karen getting sent to the office. Keep it coming, Karen. For the record, I thought your “Santa’s Little Sweatshop” posters were hilarious.


1- Thrilled to get to perform with my TIME OUT Comedy alumns Joanie and Betsy at their show, Spilled Milk. Come out and see us WEDNESDAY, JAN. 22 in Multnomah Village. Here’s the 411:

2- Steven’s birthday is coming up. We always give the kids a choice between big birthday party or big present. The last time we had a bunch of boys for a bday party here, one kid got stuffed in the recycle bin. This year, there’s a third choice: big experience. Wonder what he’ll pick.

3- Might get to have coffee date with Brian today. That means actual adult conversation free of prying kid bat ears. They could pick up a conversation in space.


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