Sasquatch is in my shirt

Boy howdy have I had enough of hair today. It’s been falling down my shirt all day, making the inside look fur-lined. Tomorrow, it’s Trina to the rescue! She’s coming over with some shears of some sort to put me out of my itchy misery. I’ll miss my short haircut, especially because I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. After the hair is gone, maybe people will say stuff like, “Your eyebrows are hot.” Then, they’ll be gone and people will be all like, “I like your one eyelash.”


1- I’ve received the nicest notes from people I don’t even know who have survived cancer. Thank you!

2- Got to see my husband twice today because a nail flattened his tire. Thank you, nail.

3- Went to the gym. Did the treadmill. Rinsed and hope to repeat.

Thank you, Weird Cancer Guy

Dear Weird Cancer Guy,

Thanks to you, all of my friends and family have shown their love for me, and I’m letting them. I feel like there’s strength in numbers, so I’ve told everyone I know. My relationship with my husband Brian is stronger than ever – I thought it was super strong before. My Dad and his wife, Chris, have been a daily, reassuring presence. And my friends are being so incredibly kind, bringing us meals, offering to have our house cleaned for us and getting my toenails super hot before chemo. Then, there’s my awesome kids. They rally and curl around me on the sofa with our dog, Xena. I am thankful for all of this. I am thankful for the rough start I had in my life because I take power from it now. My spirit is defiant. Today, I did a Zumba class with my friend, Sari. So how do you like me now, Weird Cancer Guy? No matter what, you can’t take any of this away.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


1. Love

2. Appreciation

3. Acceptance

Suck it, Weird Cancer Guy

Radioactive test and ultrasounds went great yesterday. Here’s the best part: They did not see a spread to my lymph nodes. Take that, Weird Cancer Guy! You’re fat, yet contained. The port surgery went great, thanks to the extraordinarily nice nurses and fantastic anesthesiologist at Good Sam (didn’t pass out or get sick!) They laughed when Brian asked for 15 minutes alone behind the curtain so we could make out. What a perv.

Next up, more tests, then chemo next Wednesday. Also, the director of the Knight Cancer Center sent me a nice note that they are working on remodeling, but that it wouldn’t be started before I start chemo. Maybe we can do something in the meantime? Something that doesn’t involve clowns. Also found out that my hair will jump ship before my scheduled haircut. Awesome! Just saved some money there.

My three positive thoughts after yesterday:

1. Weird Cancer Guy hasn’t spread! Hooray!

2. My friends are offering cleaning services. Double kick-a awesome.

3. There are free wigs at the hospital donated by Pantene. Hoping for beehive!

Here’s Weird Cancer Guy, created by my amazing daughter, Olivia: