Sasquatch is in my shirt

Boy howdy have I had enough of hair today. It’s been falling down my shirt all day, making the inside look fur-lined. Tomorrow, it’s Trina to the rescue! She’s coming over with some shears of some sort to put me out of my itchy misery. I’ll miss my short haircut, especially because I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. After the hair is gone, maybe people will say stuff like, “Your eyebrows are hot.” Then, they’ll be gone and people will be all like, “I like your one eyelash.”


1- I’ve received the nicest notes from people I don’t even know who have survived cancer. Thank you!

2- Got to see my husband twice today because a nail flattened his tire. Thank you, nail.

3- Went to the gym. Did the treadmill. Rinsed and hope to repeat.

One Reply to “Sasquatch is in my shirt”

  1. Jacki,

    I was out for a drink with some moms from school and, as we talked about music, one of them mentioned that music is what got her through treatments for colon cancer. I have known her for a few years but had no idea … and she is now past the five year mark, with a daughter in 5th grade. She also had a friend who was going though treatments at the same time. She was glad to hear about your writing and humor, and had lots of nods of recognition as I told her a bit about what you’ve been saying and writing.

    So anyway, the real point of this note! is that she said to let you know that if you need anyone to talk with, she is happy to be one of those people. Let me know… If you do, I can e-introduce you. And if you’ve had your fill of conversations like this already, that would be understandable too! Whichever is more helpful.

    xo Joy

    Joy Panos Stauber Stauber Design Studio Inc. 312 572 9309

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