On your mark!

Karen Lenore rocks! Look what she did – made all of these t-shirts and donated all the materials. Martha Stewart’s got NOTHIN.’


Get ready. Set. Walk! That’s right, Team AC/DT (Abernethy Cancer Dream Team) is going to tear up the asphalt! We are going to walk so fast and beat the clock during our untimed race. Pretty sure there won’t be any Olympic fist pumping action with all those people. Plus, wearing a mullet wig might cause me to walk into a pole. As for fundraising, we didn’t even remotely hit the insanely high goal I set ($10,000 – what was I thinking?!) It should have been more like $1,000 because we’ve raised $400. This is going to be a blast.



1- When we went to Livvie’s back-to-school night, this was on the wall. I stood there gulping for air like an out-of-tank goldfish while Livvie barked: “Do not cry, Mom! It’s WEIRD.” If anything can make cancer worth it, that can.

2- Got my first booking for 2014 to talk at a radiation/oncology meeting for Legacy. I am so excited about this because the people at Legacy are incredibly awesome. They made the whole cancer experience more positive than negative.

3- It’s the weekend! So go have yourself a good one!

Bald is the new bling: Komen Ladies on AM NW

Bald ladies on AM NW

AM NW interviewed all the baldy women who are appearing on Race for the Cure ads. This is my third time talking to KATU, and I’ve got to say they are super nice. After Brian saw it, he said, “You all are so positive because you have to be.” The biggest negative I’ve experienced is watching my family in agony. Other than that, it’s been life-changing in a positive way.

As for Race for the Cure, Sept. 15th. Boy howdy do we have a lot of room on our team for you. If you want to join, go to:


Enter AC/DT (Abernethy Cancer Dream Team), then run, walk and hang with us, baby!

Hurry! The deadline to register is Sept. 12th.

Unforgettable camaraderie


That’s me throwing down robot moves.

The minute I met these ladies at a photo shoot for Race for the Cure this morning, I felt huge compassion, respect and love for them. Each of us is going through different forms of the same thing – surgery, chemo, radiation. But we all want to return to our regularly scheduled lives stronger than before. Downshifting from fast-action survivor mode to not-sure-what’s-next mode has been really hard. I should feel ecstatic with all those excellent pathology results, but I just feel lost. It’s like post-chemo depression or something.


1- I told Steven everyone loved his post, so he agreed to write more.

2- Heading to the Pearl tonight with Sandra for massive downloading. Hope she’s ready to hear some serious whining.

3- Steven, Livvie and Brian were also in the photo shoot, which makes me so happy. Can’t wait to do Race for the Cure for the first time. I’ll probably walk. If I say I’m jogging, I mean memory.