Unforgettable camaraderie


That’s me throwing down robot moves.

The minute I met these ladies at a photo shoot for Race for the Cure this morning, I felt huge compassion, respect and love for them. Each of us is going through different forms of the same thing – surgery, chemo, radiation. But we all want to return to our regularly scheduled lives stronger than before. Downshifting from fast-action survivor mode to not-sure-what’s-next mode has been really hard. I should feel ecstatic with all those excellent pathology results, but I just feel lost. It’s like post-chemo depression or something.


1- I told Steven everyone loved his post, so he agreed to write more.

2- Heading to the Pearl tonight with Sandra for massive downloading. Hope she’s ready to hear some serious whining.

3- Steven, Livvie and Brian were also in the photo shoot, which makes me so happy. Can’t wait to do Race for the Cure for the first time. I’ll probably walk. If I say I’m jogging, I mean memory.


3 Replies to “Unforgettable camaraderie”

  1. J ~ you have always been the sharpest tack and most hilarious one in da room!!! This proves you are also AWESOME x-o-x-o-x-o

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