The race before stupid

Oh man, I’ve got 48 hours until stupidity hits. Chemo #5 is Thursday, so I have to get everything done that requires even a sliver of a brainwave. You know, things like balancing checkbooks, writing sentences, tying shoes. There’s also the race to get overwhelming things done like grocery shopping, putting away laundry and thinking. After round 4, I went to a coffee house. But all they had was pie. Breakfast pie, lunch pie, snack pie, pie pie. I felt like I was trapped in a Portlandia episode. I freaked out and left because I just wanted a cup of soup. Not pie in a cup. The scene repeated itself in the drink aisle at New Seasons. All I wanted was water. Not coconut, gluten-free, bamboo-essence water. Just freaking water. Getting overwhelmed just thinking about it.


1- Went on a walk with Brian today up to the volcano, Mt. Tabor, trying to sort out all the details of finishing this out, surgery and what life looks like afterward.

2- Took Livvie to the dentist. Hooray, no cavities!

3- Stayed out in the sun as much as I could today, waiting for spring.