Crazy week: Mrs. Hughes, Q Center and NY

Thank you, Mrs. Hughes
In other news, stand-up legend Mrs. Hughes was nice enough to meet with me this week while she was in town. Check out her site at: What an honor it was to get advice from her, let alone go on a quick shopping jaunt. She’s funny ALL the time and had all the people in the shops wondering…Why is this woman making me laugh…nervously? This is Portland – vortex of unemployment. Now buy something. If you ever get a chance to see her, TAKE IT. You’ll hurt yourself if you don’t – or even if you do. She’s that funny. Would I lie to you people?

Q Center tomorrow night
I had the honor of practicing with same-sex moms last night at the Q Center getting ready for our show Saturday night. Myra Lavenue is big trouble! Don’t miss her hilariously sharp reading. Nikki Jaruson has a fabulous fluid delivery, plus she knows her way around a videocam (She showed me.) Naomi Morena’s reading will knock your socks off – funny, touching and heart wrenching all at once. Beren deMotier, who is always a professional on stage, will be there reading from her amazing book, Brides of March. Very excited to be performing with them.
Sat. night, Oct. 24th from 7-8:30 pm at Q Center, 4115 N. Mississippi. Tickets $12 in advance on or $15 at the door.

Big break
In other-other news, I’m headed to New York for MORE Magazine. Wait, did I tell you guys this? Because I’ve told like the entire city.What happened was my friend and PR guru Lisa Hill of Broussard Hill sent me a query from MORE – they were looking for women over 40 who are reinventing themselves. Well hot damn, that’s me! Over 40 and in need of invention. So I responded and they picked me. I get to fly to New York, perform and work with Caroline Rhea, then there’s a photo shoot that involves “a team of stylists.” Well, thank God there’s a team involved. I can’t even get dressed by myself. It would be even better if there were cheerleaders. “Push up bra! Push up bra!” To all my supportive friends and family, love you guys. Mean it.

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