Don’t let NY make you tired, Miss

Uber Deco Empire State Building
Might as well site see while being lost at Grand Central

The words of a cab driver extracting me from the wrong street. I swear I’d get lost in a tin can. I walked to the building where MORE Magazine is located. It’s right next door to the Empire State Building! So I ate lunch there. What an Art Deco spectacular site that is. I did want to run around asking people, “Did you know a Flying Fortress hit this building once and an engine flew down the elevator shaft and the elevator lady lived and had like ten children?” But I didn’t.

The fitting at MORE was great, although I felt bad for not wanting to wear jeans – like the ONLY pair of jeans in the history of my world that fit me right. I also wanted to take pictures of the racks of shoes, amazing clothes and trays of jewelry – all organized. But I didn’t do that either because I don’t want to be SUCH a freshman. Really looking forward to meeting Caroline Rhea on Wednesday. Right now, I’m heading to Comix for Ochis Motel open mic night.

Oh, and I did wave to the New York City Fire Department truck that drove by earlier – it was a desperate wave. If you don’t say it, I will: COUGAR!

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