A day off!

OMG, what's up? Is Bobbi Brown having a 50% off sale? No, Bobbi Brown was THERE, yo!

Well, if it wasn’t for a mix up in communication, I wouldn’t have had a whole day off. NY comedy legend Nancy Lombardo hooked me up with a workshop and open mic at NY Comedy Club. But it’s for tomorrow when I’m supposed to be on da plane. Just wait until all you comedy moms hear the list of what I learned. Here’s a shocker: Don’t waste your time doing open mic night in front of other comedians. Well, okay then.

So my longtime friend Jen met me at Bloomingdale’s, and we immediately got lost in the store. That’s how big it is. Then, a celeb sighting: Bobbi Brown swarming with panting women all around her. “Tell me what color, Bobbi! Make me younger, Bobbi!” I wanted to blurt out: “I saw your bathroom in Oprah magazine. Isn’t a fireplace the size of a B&B just slightly excessive?” For once, I kept my lipstick hole shut.

Here's Jen. We've been friends for how long? Let's drink!

My mission for this shopping trip: Find Brian and the kids lots of presents. Next stop: FAO Schwartz.

Is that your Lego Wookie, or are you just happy to see me?


Livvie's dream closet
Steven's dream closet: The NBA Store

Check these two ladies out. They’ve got the Architectural Look-a-Like Contest DOWN.


Flying out tomorrow and have to say New York has been amazing. The people have been amazing. Very friendly. I didn’t flip anyone off or yell at anyone. Now that’s a true break right there.

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