Back in the saddle

So here’s a lesson: You really shouldn’t dump coffee in your computer. I didn’t mean to, but I knocked a jet of coffee across my desk right on the keyboard. (Yes, it was caffeinated, you smart-a’s.) So anyway, I’m back in Mac. It took me all night to just get caught up on email.

NOW, I can share with you all the amazing photos taken by Debby Dodd’s husband Deke with Wendy Bax’s camera at the “Guess Who’s Messing Up Dinner” show the other night at Curious Comedy Theater. Thank you, Deke and Wendy. The last show was probably our best one yet. If we can find another venue, we’ll spring another holiday show for you. And you should come too, because the moms were crazy funny:

Check out Wendy using her comedy for good, not evil. Good thing no one heckled her.
Nicole blew the doors off the place, and it was her first time on stage!
Betsy talked about where she came from (Wisconsin) and rocked the house.
Debby performed another brilliant piece she wrote.
Jillian gave all new meaning to the word "Tofurky"
Kristina doesn't think she's smokin hot in this picture. But we do.
Hostess with the mostess...memory loss.

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