“Rave” in The Oregonian today

Betsy Kauffman’s brilliant music director husband Jeffrey wants commission for being my unofficial “publicist.” He would have wanted my first-born, but he said he’s heard stories about him. Anyway, there’s a story in the “How We Live” section of the Oregonian today about the exquisite performances brewing at “Rave in the Nave,” a series of A-list talent performing at the Christ United Methodist Church. The TIME OUT comedians are included, but not until May 2010.

Tonight, don’t miss the mastermind behind “School House Rock” and other legendary songs. Why do I call it “legendary?” Because that’s how I learned grammar, for crying out loud. Teaching me anything is a monumental task.

Dave Frishberg
The dean of Portland’s jazz community, former pianist for the Tijuana Brass, and one of the most unique songwriters in the world
(“Peel Me a Grape”—Diana Krall, “Wheelers and Dealers”—Lani Hall), Dave Frishberg performs a solo cabaret set in a very rare Portland performance.

7:30 pm Saturday, Nov. 21, 2009
Individual tickets are $15. Kids are free.
Christ United Methodist Church
12755 NW Dogwood St Portland, OR 97229

More info: http://www.cumcpdx.org/

Read The Oregonian story: http://www.oregonlive.com/living/index.ssf/2009/11/church_hopes_joy_in_the_arts_w.html

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