Am I the person I loathe?

You could call it my new day job. I am now selling sponsorships, space and anything else for three big expos. So I’ve officially turned into one of Those People. Except I do not place a monitoring device at people’s dinner tables. When their butts hit the seat, I do not call. I call just as people take their first sip of coffee at their desk. But still! Some people have been very nice to me. The nicest call back I’ve received so far has been New Seasons. I love those people. Really! She called back and she was very gracious about the whole thing. Did I sell anything? Well, no. It’s weird, but I actually feel good about not selling to her. Tomorrow is a whole new day of interrupting people and getting rejected. I’ve been getting better at taking it well – I only cry for like 20 minutes now. No I don’t. I call the next person and hope they are as nice as the New Seasons lady. The first of the month is coming – wish me luck that somehow, I will find that person thinking, “I could really use a booth at a large, well-attended expo.”

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