Good-bye, Airplay Cafe

One of the earliest TIME OUT shows at Airplay Cafe

If it wasn’t for the support of Airplay Cafe, the TIME OUT show might not exist. I took my kids in there one day and mentioned that I had been thinking about doing mom comedy material. Patti Jagger, the owner, was so supportive and energetic about the idea, I started trying out material at Airplay’s open mic night.

One night, a bunch of moms fell off their sofa laughing. That’s when we thought – why don’t we turn this into a show. Everything went so well, until the landslide otherwise known as The Economy, happened. Airplay had a gangbuster idea of showcasing and launching new, clean talent. They gave us a uber cool family-friendly place to hang out. So, farewell to a great thing that probably any other year, would have made it.

Thank you, Andy and Patti, for giving me and the show a chance. I think I can speak for all of the mom and dad performers that we wish you well in whatever you take on next.

One Reply to “Good-bye, Airplay Cafe”

  1. Jacki,

    We were so proud to be a part of TIME OUT. It was a show that made moms feel cool, that made us laugh really hard and was the kind of fresh idea that comes along once in a blue moon. Can’t wait to see what YOU will do next!


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