Me? A swimsuit model?

Tune into KOIN tomorrow at 4 pm. I’m modeling a genuine Popina retro swimsuit. They are the BOMB! Made right here in Portland in NE. It will be my third Popina swimsuit.

Tune in tommorrow at 4pm for Retro Swimwear Spring Break fashion segment on @KOINkeepitlocal with @popinaswimwear

One Reply to “Me? A swimsuit model?”

  1. You were great! I loved the red and white on you!! I can’t wait to visit Popina Swimwear.

    I didn’t realize it was on KOIN! Jenny Hansson is a friend of mine! I hosted her 2nd baby shower here and helped with her first with Jenni Hogan and Stephanie Stricklen. Jenny is so sweet!!

    You did great! And the swimsuits are amazing! I really can’t wait to visit their store!

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