Body image, shoddy image

Okay, I did it. I pulled on a new Popina tankini, sucked in a huge breath and stepped on stage in front of a camera on KOIN’s “Keep It Local” today. The other models were young and gorgeous with absolutely flat abs. I did NOT want to know if any of them had children. I told them to stand next to me so they could look even better. That worked. In the lobby: firefighters. Is this my lucky day or what? A cougar in a Popina swimsuit is still a cougar.

I thought modeling a swimsuit would take care of my self-deprecating body fears and tattered image. That didn’t happen. I do feel somewhat liberated though. While I was up there, I genuinely didn’t care. Because really, who cares? I got a hot new Popina retro bathing suit, and that makes me happy. So thanks, KOIN, Popina Swimwear and the other models for being so sweet. It was fun – now go buy a date with that firefighter at the Muscular Dystrophy fundraiser.

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