Is this true?

People are asking questions. They started reading my book, Sass Mouth, and one word comes to their minds: “Disturbing.” Thankfully, that’s not the only word. They also say they enjoy the writing and that they want to give me a hug. (Thanks, Julia and Jon.) The thing is, they know me now. They know I am a happily married mother of two with a fairly flatline existence. If it weren’t for performing stand up every month, I’d be quoting more Alec Baldwin lines from 30Rock like the writer-geek that I am. I’m hoping the people who don’t know me at all get it that overcoming a bad set up can be done. Destiny can be redirected, and happiness truly is the best revenge. Word!

2 Replies to “Is this true?”

  1. you are living proof of love and goodness. Your book is “disturbing” but it is also “uplifting” and an inspiration to never give up hope and to never give up on love.
    Keep writing. i want book number 2.

    1. You’re so good to me! Teary 3,000 miles away, but feeling the LOVE!!! It was all worth it to have friends like you.

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