Ready for Rose Festival tonight

It’s the age-old question: Wetsuit or no wetsuit? If I don’t wear a wetsuit to the Rose Festival, it will surely rain. If I do wear a wetsuit, maybe it won’t rain. Last Friday, I not only wore the wetsuit on stage, but out to Rock Bottom pub and NO ONE noticed. The place was full of sailors who didn’t notice. You could say it’s because Portland is Weird, but they were from Canada yo! All those jokes about my rhombus body shape are right on.

Anyway, TIME OUT at the Waterfront World Rhythms Stage at 8 and 9. Get yourself all rubbery and get down there!

2 Replies to “Ready for Rose Festival tonight”

  1. Love your goggles Jacki! YOU my dear are heading up the promotion of this year’s new fashion accessory!

    LOVING YOUR BOOK!!! Stayed up again until 1am reading…

    You Sassmouth!

    ~ Dana

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