Thanks, Rose Festival! We had a blast

We performed, we marched, we watched sailors. The Rose Festival was an absolute blast. We appreciate the opportunity to take the stage at the Waterfront, get interviewed for a radio station and participate in the Starlight and Jr. Rose Parade. Thanks, Rich and Peter for giving us a shot. Hope we get to come back next year!

2 Replies to “Thanks, Rose Festival! We had a blast”

  1. SO, so bummed I missed all of the Rose Festival festivities you ladies were involved in!

    Still LOVE, LOVE, LOVING your book Jacki!

    Stayed up yet again past 1am reading. God a booklight JUST for this purpose. Cannot put it down.

    You’re a true survivor!

    ~ Dazzling Diva Dana
    (That’s my current anti-Mary Kay blogging name on… might even end up being my stage name too!

    See ya on the 25th!

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